ACO Reinsurance

RBS Re is on top of trends in the health care delivery and risk management marketplace. With new care coordination and delivery models such as Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) entering the market, new risk-bearing arrangements also are emerging. We understand that ACO arrangements need to have solid reinsurance backing in order to deliver on their promise of better care delivery.

With nearly two decades of experience providing risk protection for health plans, RBS Re understands the complex needs of these emerging commercial and public risk-bearing entities and brings together a vast array of innovative reinsurance and alternative funding solutions to meet those needs.

All plans get the additional value of services provided through our Navigator program, saving more money from the first dollar.

Contact the RBS Re team to learn about our history of success and see how we can bring our health plan expertise to your ACO.

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Our program impacts clinical outcomes and adds value to our clients by assisting with and supporting claims management from the first dollar.

  • Complex Medical Management Services
  • PPO and Pharmacy Networks
  • Contract Reviews and Technical Support

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